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All the things you are

Kurt Tidmore

Editions Taos
Format: ePub

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9 short stories on the fates of lay-people, with a lot of humour and some sweet-and-sour insight into the human soul, and a slight touch of cruelty to spice it all up.
Kurt Tidmore’s characters can be painfully normal or they can be completely insane or bereaved or deluded, but each of them is offered to us unvarnished, seen with clarity and empathy. Like real life, they may be funny, but never only funny, or they may be grim, but never without humor, because this is what real life is like. Reading Kurt Tidmore, one is aware of the pleasure of his writing as well as the cruelty of human fate. These are sympathetic stories for an unsympathetic time.
“Tidmore is, to put it simply, a superb writer…” – Carolyn Banks, Washington Post

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