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Reviews in Frontiers of Modern Astrophysics

David Jones , Petr Kabáth , Marek Skarka

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This book presents a collection of focused review papers on the advances in topics in modern astronomy, astrophysics,  cosmology and planetary science. The chapters are written by expert members of an EU-funded ERASMUS+ program of strategic partnership between several European institutes.

The 13 reviews comprise the topics: 
Space debris, optical measurementsMeteors, light from comets and asteroidsExtrasolar enigmas: from disintegrating exoplanets to exo-asteroidsPhysical conditions and chemical abundances in photoionized nebulae from optical spectraObservational Constraints on the Common Envelope PhaseA modern guide to quantitative spectroscopy of massive OB starsExplosion mechanisms of core-collapse supernovae and their observational signaturesLow-mass and substellar eclipsing binaries in stellar clustersGlobular cluster systems and Galaxy FormationHot atmospheres of galaxies, groups, and clusters of galaxiesThe establishment of the Standard Cosmological Model through observationsExploiting solar visible-range observations by inversion techniques: from flows in the solar subsurface to a flaring atmosphereStarburst galaxies 
The book is intended for the general astronomical community as well as for advanced students who could use it as a guideline, inspiration and overview for their future careers in astronomy.

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