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S.E. Lynes

Can You See Her?

A totally gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist


Date de publication : 2020-04-22

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Rachel Ryder doesn’t understand how her life has changed so completely. When she was younger, heads would turn when she walked into a room. Her children needed her; her husband adored her.
But somehow the years wore that all away. She was so busy raising her children, looking after her parents… She can barely remember the woman she used to be, the one whose husband told her she was out of his league. The woman she is now just does the laundry and makes the dinner, and can walk into a room without anyone knowing she’s there.
She knows that she hated feeling invisible. She knows that she thought: what would it take for you to see me again?
And now she’s worried that she did something terrible. Because she’s sitting in a room, being asked whether she killed someone.
When no-one is watching, you can get away with anything…
Can You See Her? is an utterly compelling and unputdownable psychological thriller, about how far you can push a woman before she will break. Perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, A.J. Finn and The Silent Patient.
Readers love Can You See Her?:
‘Outstanding!… had me hooked from the first page… totally absorbing… you need to read this book!’ Goodreads Reviewer, ??????????
‘Talk about an emotional gut punch!… it tore me apart and laid me out to dry… Pure genius! You need a section for infinity stars as five just doesn't cut it!’ Chapter in My Life, ?????
‘OMG this book was EVERYTHING!… absolutely adored… one of the best books I’ve read this year so far. Brilliant!’ Mychestnutreadingtree, ?????
‘There’s warmth and humour here… the suspense element is gripping.’ The Sunday Times Crime Club
‘What a jaw dropper!!!… absolutely could not put this book down!’ Goodreads Reviewer, ?????
‘From the very first page this book captured my attention… Each page reveals another shocking revelation, with a superb twist at the end.
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