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Hannah Tovey

The Education of Ivy Edwards

a laugh-out-loud novel about single life


Date de publication : 2020-05-07

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'An absolute joy. . . reminds me of some of my all time favourites - Adults, Not Working, The To-Do List' Daisy Buchanan, author of How to be a Grown Up
'Honest and confronting . . . there's an Ivy in all of us!' Laura Jane Williams, author of Our Stop
'Feel good and hilarious' Netgalley reviewer
Adult life is hard. Send help.
Ivy Edwards is thirty-one years old, funny, shameless, and a bit of a romantic.
She's also currently trying not to cry in the office toilet.
Partly because she's just run out of money for fags. A bit because her mum continues to annoy her. Definitely not because she's just been dumped by her fiancé.
With her London life in shambles and her family miles away in the Welsh valleys, Ivy doesn't actually feel like she belongs anywhere.
At least, she has her friends - and a bottle of vodka.
Embarking on a journey of singlehood, Ivy is about to discover that sometimes, having your life fall apart can be surprisingly fun.
Sometimes, heartbreak can be the best education . . .
Get ready for Ivy...
The Education of Ivy Edwards is perfect for fans of Dolly Alderton's Everything I Know About Love, Holly Bourne's How Do You Like Me Now?, Emer McLysaght's Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Fleabag.
'Smart, bittersweet and extremely funny . . . so perceptive and REAL' Daisy Buchanan, author of How to Be a Grown Up
'Like that trusted friend who'll give you a 'cwtch' (Welsh hug), check your mascara and then take you to get hammered on vodka martinis. . . warm, witty and occasionally filthy . . . and full of heart'Nicola Mostyn, author of The Gods of Love
'Reminiscent of Laura and Tyler's escapades in Emma Jane Unsworth's Animals . . . gets into the nitty gritty of heartbreak' Netgalley reviewer
'31-year-old Ivy's life is derailed dramatically when her fiancé dumps her, with no warning, just 5 minutes after they've had sex. A feel good and hilarious look at breaking up, self-indulgence and self-discovery' Girl Reads Books

'I could really empathise with . . . the struggles of not belonging and trying to survive London when life has not gone to plan' Netgalley reviewer
'The Education of Ivy Edwards is a whirlwind of a read, and proved to be a great distraction from the current climate. . . .Ivy's mum might be my favourite character, she's bonkers and I loved her!' Eleanor Reads Books
'A very enjoyable read' Netgalley reviewer
'Rich in dialogue . . . it's a novel about realising that sometimes your greatest enemy is yourself' Netgalley reviewer
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