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Emily Cavanagh

Her Guilty Secret

An absolutely gripping page-turner about friendship and secrets


Date de publication : 2021-02-12

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“Just brilliant. I loved this book... Addictive, fast paced, packed with twists, this one had me absolutely transfixed. I did not want it to end.” NetGalley reviewer, ?????
“Let’s play truth or dare, for old times’ sake…”
I reluctantly agree, silently praying none of my three oldest friends gets the chance to ask me a truth. There is so much I’ve been keeping from them. Just for this weekend, for our long-awaited college reunion, I want to put all that aside and have some fun.
But it wasn’t my secrets I should have been worried about. It was theirs.
When Ada draws truth, she can’t meet my eye. “Ivy…” she begins and then stops. Before saying something that I immediately wish she could take back.
But of course she can’t, not now.
The worst thing is no one else seems as shocked. I realise they have let me think I was to blame all these years. Perhaps I never knew my closest friends to begin with. Maybe we were never actually friends all…
A gripping, emotional drama about the complexities of friendship and what truly lies beneath the image of a perfect life. Fans of Liane Moriarty, Kerry Fisher and Sally Hepworth will be hooked from the very first page.
 What readers are saying about Emily Cavanagh:
“FANTASTIC… PERFECT weekend read… LOVED… I am sooooo sad its over.” Goodreads reviewer, ?????
“WOW!… Loved… Will be telling everyone about it!” NetGalley reviewer, ?????
“Absolutely loved this book… 5 stars from me!!” Bookstagramshaz, ?????
  “I absolutely loved this book… I could not tear myself away… If I could give it more than 5 stars I would.” Once Upon A Time Book Blog, ?????
“Gripping page turner with a twist. This instantly pulled me in… I just had to finish and find out what happened.” Goodreads reviewer, ?????
“Hooked me on the first page… This book grabbed me… I read it in two sittings.” The World Is Ours to Read, ?????
“A page-turner… Nothing was as it seemed, and everyone had something to hide… I was hooked from the first page.” Lu Reviews Books

“Secrets and families, love, loss and betrayal… Loved, loved, loved this book.” Goodreads reviewer, ?????
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