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Kristen Bailey

Did My Love Life Shrink in the Wash?

An absolutely laugh-out-loud and feel-good page-turner


Date de publication : 2021-01-11

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‘I was crying laughing’ The Writing Community Chat Show, ?????
‘The funniest book I have read in a very long time’ Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews, ?????
‘Hilarious, I laughed so much!’ Mum of Cubs, ?????
‘OMG I snorted with laughter’ Loopyloulaura
My sex life is like a glittering unicorn. Bucking up and down, all day long, in my imagination…
Will used to be my partner in crime. Fancy dress, festivals, line up the sambuca and leave ‘sensible’ at home. And ‘home’ meant ‘bedroom’, and the bedroom was shocked speechless. Every time.
But now we’re proper adults – a family – and there’s loads we weren’t warned about:
1) Babies don’t come with a snooze button
2) Porn star boobs aren’t for touching
3) It’s possible to fall asleep at a nightclub
And then something unthinkable happens, which changes everything. But I love Will, and he loves me, so we can get through anything. Right?
A totally hilarious and absolutely relatable tale for anyone who has survived parenthood purely on microwave meals and wished for an IV drip of coffee to get them through! This uplifting page-turner will make your belly ache with laughter. Perfect for fans of Why Mummy Drinks, Sophie Ranald and Sophie Kinsella.
 Readers love Did My Love Life Shrink in the Wash?:
‘Had me cracking up… Literally rolling on the floor laughing… Genius pure genius!’ Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews, ?????
‘Makes you howl with laughter until you have tears rolling down your cheeks and you can’t catch your breath!!’ Goodreads Reviewer, ?????
‘Plenty of belly laughs … Get ready for a healthy dose of hilarity and a slice of side-splitting silliness… You’ll either have a smile on your face or be howling with laughter.’ For the Love of Books, ?????
‘Wooohooo… Fabulous… I loved it… Utterly hilarious, there are some emotional rollercoasters involved too… Fed up with 2020? Take one of this author’s books and the sun will come out.’ B for Bookreview, ?????
‘Had me belly laughing throughout! A real joy.’ Goodreads Reviewer, ?????
‘I always look forward to laughing so hard that I cry… I found myself crying at points as much as I laughed at others…
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