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Jenna Kernan

A Killer's Daughter

An absolutely addictive mystery and suspense novel


Collection : Agent Nadine Finch

Date de publication : 2021-02-11

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‘Wow!! This book!!! Where do I begin?... Completely and utterly impossible to put down… literally had me on the edge of my seat. I devoured this book in just one sitting… gripping, engaging and a superb read. A definite five stars.’ Little Miss Book Lover 87, ?????
The girl’s long black hair clings to her face like seaweed. Her beautiful eyes are open, unseeing. And a thin line of flesh circling the base of her ring finger has been removed. It’s just like the others…
When Agent Nadine Finch gets the call about the broken body of a young woman found drifting in Sarasota Bay, Florida, she pretends it’s just another case: but deep down, she’s lying to herself. Even though she changed her name, Nadine has always known her family’s dark past would catch up with her eventually.
Examining the wound around the victim’s finger, a cruel imitation of a wedding ring, she knows for sure: someone has started killing young women in exactly the same way Nadine’s serial-killer mother did 20 years ago.
There’s only one place she’ll find answers. And until she does, every woman in this close-knit community is in danger. At the prison, Nadine flinches as she hears her mother’s soft voice—such a contrast to those cold, cruel eyes—for the first time in decades.
‘Hi baby. I’ve been expecting you…’
An unputdownable thriller that will have you racing through the pages until the final, jaw-dropping twist. Perfect for fans of Rachel Caine, Lisa Gardner and Mary Burton.
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‘Blew my socks off!!... had me hooked from the get go, I devoured it in one sitting… had me hanging on for dear life… blew my mind at the final twist! The perfect book.’ @becsbookshelf_, ?????
‘This book should come with a warning label: Beware, once you start reading, you will not be able to put it down… and stay up way past your bedtime!... an incredible novel… a must-read!!’ NetGalley Reviewer, ?????
‘OMG!… so good I just had to keep on reading… kept me up past my bedtime but it was worth every minute... I was so engrossed that when my dog suddenly started to bark, I almost hit the roof.’ B for Book Review, ?????
‘Heart-pounding… you just have to read in one go… the shocks come thick and fast, the twisted revelations never stop… brilliant… a must-read!’ Bookish Jottings
‘What on earth did I just read?!..…
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