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Beverley Harvey

Close My Eyes

A totally addictive and unputdownable psychological thriller


Date de publication : 2021-03-23

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It starts with a chance sighting: a face from her past, someone Beth hasn’t thought about for years. Suddenly she feels a terrifying wave of panic – the flash of a memory, of crushing weight and pain, and the flicker of firelight and smoke. Something in Beth’s past has been disturbed… And nothing will ever be the same again.
You've started to remember…
Beth never had any reason to doubt her peaceful, happy upbringing. Then she suddenly starts getting awful flashes of an event from her past – a vicious attack from an unknown person. And she thinks it could be more than just a nightmare. But how could she forget something this big?
Someone wants you to forget…
With no husband or boyfriend to turn to, she asks her trusted family and old friends for reassurance, only to hear that it must all be in her head. Meanwhile, the flashes get stronger, more frightening, and more details start to come back to her – details she knows she couldn’t have invented. But these are people who have known her all her life and have her best interests at heart. Who should she believe?
What will you risk to discover the truth?
Beth is determined to understand the meaning of these memories even if it means going it alone. But is she prepared for what she will find? Because the truth will ruin someone’s life – and they will stop at nothing to keep the past forgotten.
A heart-stopping psychological suspense novel that asks: who would you trust the most? Your friends? Your family? Or your own mind? Fans of T.M. Logan, Claire McGowan and Lisa Jewell will be gripped by Close My Eyes.
 Readers can’t get enough of Beverley Harvey
‘I LOVED THIS BOOK!... I literally finished it all in one sitting – meaning the bags under my eyes are solely down to this book as I just had to keep binging through this unputdownable story!’ Goodreads reviewer ?????
‘Blood stopped in my fingers while holding my e-reader. It’s that brilliant.
I was gripped… Beverley just blew my mind.’ NetGalley reviewer ?????
‘Wow! I absolutely loved this book from the first page, it just pulls you in and doesn’t let go!... If I could give it more than 5 stars I would.’ Goodreads reviewer ?????
‘I could not put it down and stayed up hours to finish reading… I loved the ending and the suspense… this is definitely an author to keep an eye on.’ Goodreads reviewer ?????
‘There are many twists and turns in this book that I thoroughly enjoyed and didn’t see coming. I cannot say enough about how much I LOVED the ending! I cannot wait to read more from this author.’ Goodreads reviewer ?????
‘Oh I have had all the feels from this book. I've been gripped so much I've devoured this book in just one sitting. This has been completely impossible to put down…
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