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Jean Lilensten

Space Weather

Research Towards Applications in Europe


Collection : Astrophysics and Space Science Library

Date de publication : 2007-05-16

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1 2 J. LILENSTEN , A. GLOVER , A. HILGERS, A. BELEHAKI, Lj. R. CANDER, B. ZOLESI, M. RYCROFT, AND F. LEFEUVRE 1 Chair of ESWW2, editor 2 co-Chair of ESWW2 This book presents Space Weather review papers given as invited presentations at the Second European Space Weather week which was held at the European Space Agency’s ESTEC site in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, from 14th to 19th November, 2005. As the meeting itself, it is divided into 5 chapters, each representing one of the “Science to Applications” sessions on a particular theme. These themes are: • Session 1 : The solar weather/solar activity forecast and predictions (including propagation of transient features in the solar wind) • Session 2 : Atmospheres (weather and climate, also including thermosphere and drag), global change • Session 3 : Ionosphere/positioning and telecommunication • Session 4 : Radiation environment of the Earth/spacecraft and aircraft environment • Session 5 : Magnetic environment/GIC’s and other ground effects Each chapter is divided into an introduction written by the convener of the corresponding session, and the papers written by the invited speakers. Many of the poster contributions, including applications focussed papers, have been published elsewhere and the presentation material can be found via the ESWW2 website: http://www. esa-spaceweather. net/spweather/workshops/eswwII/ esww2-proceedings. html. The ESWW2 was the second in a series of annual workshops that are the result of much patient work that started about ten years ago involving many European entities.
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